What Can Go Wrong with a Power Steering Pump?

Power steering pumps are an integral part of any vehicle's power steering system. Without this important component, drivers would have to manually turn the wheel of a car, making it much harder to manoeuvre in tight spaces or on busy highways. Unfortunately, power steering pumps can go wrong for a variety of reasons. So, what should you do if you suspect issues with your pump? 

The Purpose of the Pump

Power steering pumps are responsible for supplying hydraulic pressure to the driven wheels when a driver turns the steering wheel. This reduces the amount of effort needed to move the car in any direction as well as provides better control and stability during turns. As with any piece of automotive equipment, however, there are certain things that can go wrong with a power steering pump if it isn't properly maintained or if it suffers from wear and tear over time.

Leaking Fluid

One potential problem is fluid leaks. Over time, seals within the power steering pump may start to wear down due to friction or age, which can lead to fluid leaking out and reducing its effectiveness. This is especially true if your car has been exposed to harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures or high humidity levels. To help prevent this issue from occurring, make sure that you check your power steering fluid level regularly and top it off when necessary. Additionally, regular tune-ups will help ensure that your car is running at peak performance and that potential issues are caught early on before they become more serious problems.

Malfunctioning Pump

Another issue that may arise with power steering pumps is noise coming from underneath the hood when turning the wheel of your car. This could be caused by air bubbles forming in your fluid lines or even loose components within the system itself. To remedy this issue, you should first check if all components are properly tightened down before topping up your fluid levels again as needed. If these steps don't solve the problem, you may need to take your car in for repairs by a certified mechanic who can diagnose and repair whatever issue may be causing it.

What to Do Next

Keeping up with regular maintenance on your vehicle's power steering pump is essential in order to prevent potential problems from arising down the line. Regularly checking fluid levels and getting tune-ups will help ensure that everything runs smoothly while also helping extend its lifespan so that you don't have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. If you find that your pump has seen its better days and you need to get a replacement, or essential that you buy the highest quality part you can find. Discuss your needs with a mechanic or specialised parts shop if in doubt.

Reach out to a power steering system parts supplier to learn more.