Is Your Truck's ABS Braking System Up to the Job?

A modern-day commercial vehicle will typically be equipped with an assisted braking system to provide as much stopping power for the heavy truck as possible. This system is made up of many individual components, and air pressure is used to augment the discs or drums in each case. An ABS is also configured and this is, in turn, designed to make the life of the driver a lot easier in an emergency. As a truck owner or operator, you need to make sure that these particular parts are always in first-class condition, so what do you need to focus on?

ABS for Safety

ABS systems were first developed in the world of motorsport and are now crucial on Australia's busy road network. When fully operational, they will help your driver keep the truck on the straight and narrow if they have to try and stop at short notice.

Activating Sensor

Each wheel has a sensor attached that will detect an issue in a split-second. If the driver slams on the brake pedal and the wheel in question locks up or skids, the sensor will trigger a rapid-fire safety mechanism.

Twinkle of an Eye

With immediate effect, the controller will interpret this information and will release the braking pressure to that wheel. It will open or closed a series of valves in rapid succession to block and then reinstate pressure to the problem wheel. A separate pump will also be involved, and it is designed to restore pressure immediately after the hydraulic valve releases it. It will receive separate signals from the ECU module and work in concert with the valves to ensure highly efficient braking action.

Keeping an Eye on the Components

These parts will work perfectly well without any input from the driver, so long as they are kept in good condition. Therefore, you need to ensure that the valves are never clogged and that the sensor is undamaged. You will also need to fit the highest quality pump to make sure that the impeller and bearings last as long as possible, and you need to get the system checked on a regular basis.

Quality Parts

If the pump were to fail, then the entire system would follow suit and your brakes would simply lock up instead. Obviously, this could have serious repercussions, and you can see how important it is to fit the highest quality parts in the first place. Look for brand-name parts like Mitsubishi truck parts if you need to replace any of the above parts.