Commercial Vehicles: 3 Crucial Tips for Planning for a GVM Upgrade

GVM upgrades can be highly beneficial for commercial vehicles used for moving loads. In general, the GVM or the gross vehicle mass can be defined as the maximum weight that your automobile can weigh. In simple terms, this is the rating that indicates the total amount of weight that your vehicle can support safely. This rating depends on the construction of the vehicle. If the capacity indicated by the auto manufacturer is exceeded, there can be danger.

A GVM upgrade is designed to increase the allowable maximum weight of the vehicle. If you upgrade the capacity, you will be able to handle more goods in your commercial truck or car without jeopardising personal safety. Also, you will avoid litigation and other legal complications, which can occur due to exceeding the load rating of the automobile. Here are some essential guidelines to consider when planning to upgrade your commercial vehicle's GVM.

1. Calculate the Potential Load 

It is important to determine the total weight that you will handle after the upgrade. You should keep in mind that the gross vehicle mass encompasses all the weight imposed on the truck or car, including the driver, passengers, work equipment and personal loads. If you would like to carry out a reliable upgrade, you should calculate the total potential mass. This consideration can help you choose the best option for upgrades. Also, this consideration is crucial in determining whether this type of upgrade is the best choice. If the desired increase is too high, it might be better to purchase a new vehicle. After all, the GVM is not infinitely increasable.

2. Consider Suspension Upgrade

If you would like to increase the GVM of your commercial vehicle by a small margin, it might not be necessary to conduct a complete upgrade of your automobile. A complete upgrade can be expensive because it involves changing numerous aspects of the vehicle, including wheel fitment, vehicle height and braking components. In some cases, a simple suspension upgrade might be able to help you achieve the desired results. If you would like a significant increase, you will need a GVM upgrade kit.

3. Think About Insurance and Warranty

Finally, when upgrading your gross vehicle mass, it is advisable to consider the aspect of insurance and auto warranty. This type of modification will not usually compromise your warranty or the insurance cover as long as the work is legal and conducted by an experienced professional. However, you should still consult your manufacturer and insurer before proceeding with the upgrade as a precaution.