Two Main Considerations When Installing Four Wheel Drive Lift Kits

The off-road experience you receive from any four wheel drive can be largely enhanced by installing suspension lift kits. 4wd lift kits don't just raise the car for larger wheel sizes, but also give the car greater ground clearance and steeper approach. These new qualities introduced by the lift kits are responsible for the ease and joy with which your four wheel drive does off-road.

When getting 4wd lift kits for your car, there are many considerations you will have to make. The foremost fact you will have to know is that giving your car a lift will reduce some of its on-road capabilities such as maximum angle of approach. Other considerations you will have to make include

Suspension types

4wd lift kits are installed on different four wheel drive cars differently. The car models and reason for lift will greatly dictate the type and extent of lift done on the car. Different types of lift kits further dictate the type of suspension mechanism suitable for use. If your four wheel drive expert does not take you through the different suspensions suitable for different lifts, it's probably time to seek help elsewhere.There are generally two types of 4wd lift kits suspensions. The leaf spring suspension kits are more common with shorter lifts while the coil spring kits are a better choice if you do not want to change the shocks.

Shock absorbers

Installing 4wd lift kits on your truck may also mean changing the shocks on your car. Some lift kits are labelled to work with specific types of shocks. You should always check which type of shocks are mainly recommended with the lift kit you want and see if you are up to the switch if needed.

Adjustable shocks are a great option for any type of lift. These shocks can be adjusted easily by the driver depending on the type of activity he or she intends to carry out with the car as well as the terrain and load.

You may also be required to increase the amount of shock absorbers installed on your car. This is because suspension lift kits often result in the truck experiencing more vibrations. To reduce this effect, you should increase the number of shock absorbers that will dull these vibrations, and this will enhance the smoothness of the ride.

For more information about installing your lift kit, contact your local auto shop or lift kit supplier.