Do Brand Name Brakes Really Make a Difference?

When your car's brakes need repair or replacement, you may be tempted to save money by buying off-brand or generic parts. While it can be cheaper to do this at the outset, it's not always the most cost-effective or wisest thing to do. Keeping in mind that your brakes are one of the most vital parts of your car's overall safety features, you want to consider always getting brand name parts when they need replacing. Note why that is and how genuine parts can protect you and even save you money over time.

1. Fit

Off-brand parts aren't always made to the same specifications as name brand parts. In turn, they may not fit exactly as they should when installed in your car. To you, a slight misfit might not seem important, but when brake pads don't fit the rotor properly they may not squeeze them and cause them to stop as they should. They may also cause too much friction and in turn, the pads and rotors wear down quicker. 

Pads that don't fit properly may also allow in more dust and debris around the brake pads and this too can cause excess wear and tear and interfere with the proper function of the brakes. Remember that your braking system is very close to the road and often collects dirt and dust and other debris, and an improper fit can make the problem even worse, compromising your safety when behind the wheel.

2. Quality

Rotors and brake pads are made of thick metal pieces that need to stand up to the squeezing of the pads against the rotors, while still stopping the tires from moving. The more durable the metal of these pieces, the longer their life. 

Many generic or off-brand rotors and brake pads are made of metal alloys, which are a mixture of steel and then inferior metals like aluminium. Name brand rotors and pads are typically made of the most durable metal such as solid, stainless steel that is meant to last. Steel will hold up against the constant friction of brakes being applied to the rotors and will not show ridges and other defects as easily, so you may need to replace these parts less often over the life of your car. This means that buying off-brand parts can mean saving money when they're installed, but if you choose low-quality parts, you may actually wind up spending more on replacement parts over the life of your car.

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