How to Decide If You Should Buy Used or New Car Parts

Car parts can often be the most expensive aspect of getting your car fixed when needed. This is often why car owners turn to used or re-manufactured parts to use for repairs, while others may be a bit leery of this choice. Used parts may be assumed to be of less quality, and it may also be assumed that they will fall apart more quickly than new parts. However, this isn't always the case. Before you decide which is best for your car, note the following.

1. Do you have a warranty on the car?

In some cases, using re-manufactured parts can void the warranty you might have on your car, and this can be costly. If you were to face repairs down the road, you may wind up paying for them when they would have otherwise been covered by the warranty. 

On the other hand, the warranty may only cover certain parts of your car and certain parts you use for repair, such as those involved in the drive train and engine. If you're not sure of what all this means, find the ownership papers for your car or visit the dealership where you bought it and do some checking before you decide between new and used parts.

2. Will the part offer a warranty?

Along with a warranty on the car itself, you might be surprised to find that a particular part has a warranty as well. If the warranty is long enough for you, then it might be a good choice. As with many other purchases, you may even be able to spend a bit more and get an extended warranty on the part. This can allow you to use it while knowing it should last! However, if the warranty and even the extended warranty is not long enough for the length of time you expect to own your vehicle, compare it to the warranty offered on a new part. This can help you better make your decision.

3. How old and worn is the car?

If the car is very old and you don't expect to keep it for many more years, why invest in new parts that may outlast the car itself? On the other hand, if the car is relatively new, it may be worth the investment to have new parts that you know will fit perfectly with the other parts under the hood. They won't cause vibration, friction or other wear that might cause your new car to age prematurely.

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